2 thoughts on “A Few Notes for Context

  1. I like where you are headed with this but I will take exception to an idea in your penultimate paragraph.
    “Perhaps you are already aware of transgender issues. You may even be aware of the church’s teachings on transgender people. ”
    I can say that after 5 years of research with assistance of clergy, nuns, and a couple of bishops that there is no church teaching on transgender issues for anyone to be aware of. There are church related organizations that have opinions. There are scholars with opinions on cannon law and SRS and the possibility of a secret document to the bishops but no teaching from the church on this issue.
    I trust that as you look at the social teaching of the church you will find much to support the full equality of transgender people that is born out in surveys of Catholics in the US. In this case the people of the church are well ahead of official church teaching. Blessed be the spirit.

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