HHS Expected to Lift Medicare Ban on Gender-Confirming Surgeries

HHS Expected to Lift Medicare Ban on Gender-Confirming Surgeries

The potential good lifting a ban like this could cause is momentous. There is a large number of people living in poverty who would otherwise be unable to receive such care that would benefit from this change in policy. The Catholic Church should show its support for Health and Human Services. Unfortunately, we can all easily expect that this will become another hill to die on with respect to religious liberty. Many bishops may well be afraid that, like birth control before it, this sort of decision could become precedent to mandate coverage of transition related healthcare to all insurance companies. There is already an example in the city of San Francisco where all health plans have this requirement. Still, such bishops fail to understand the core of the Church’s tradition and fail to see that access to necessary medical care and bodily integrity are human rights. Thus it is incumbent on Catholics (and the Catholic Church, though they may shirk this duty) to support decisions like this and demand equal coverage for transition related medical procedures.


HHS: Transgender Patients Protected From Discrimination

HHS: Transgender Patients Protected From Discrimination

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, transgender patients are protected from discrimination and are able to file complaints with Health and Human Services against any doctor that takes medicare, medicaid, or receives federal funding. This sort of protection is an act of justice which the Catholic Church should support fully if it is to follow its own principals laid out in its social teaching. While complete protection for transgender patients so that they can receive the care they need from their doctors without worrying about discrimination may not be immediate, this is an extremely important step towards that goal.